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PetShop909 is an online pet shop with the idea to make premium pet food affordable for pet owners. At PetShop909, we carry a range of high quality yet affordable pet supplies to suit every pet. Be it cats, dogs or small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas.

As a pet owner ourselves, our love and passion for our furry family members and wanting to give them the best is our priority. But many pet owners are still feeding their pets low quality “supermarket” pet food which is of little nutritional value & which may contain ingredients that are detrimental to their pet’s health in the long run.

That is one reason why we launch PetShop909 with the hope that all pets owner can afford to give their furry family members the best. Therefore we are giving instant cash rebates. No more accumulating and tracking rewards points, or redeeming items that you do not really need or want. The more you spend the more you safe!!

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  • Cat Can & Wet Food
  • Cat Dry Food
  • Dog Can & Food
  • Dog Treats & Reward

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